The Silent Killer of Australia that is being dangerously undetected

There is a silent killer lurking in the shadows of Australian society that’s costing us billions of dollars a year and is tormenting more than one in five Australians. More specifically, there is one sleeping disorder that takes the most lives from all other disorders and that is Sleep Apnoea.

Why is it so dangerous?

Sleep Apnoea is a serious sleeping disorder which not only has the ability to directly impact your health, but it can also have a contributing factor to an individual’s quality of life. Many sufferers of this condition have been said to have experienced unexplained fatigue and weight gain over time. When an individual is sleeping, the apnoea is able to starve the body of oxygen temporarily for 10 seconds or longer. Due to this sudden irregularity in breathing, the brain senses that not enough oxygen is going into the body, thus ‘waking’ the individual up.

Many who suffer from sleep apnoea are said to experience this process numerous times during their sleep, with some people even being recorded to experience it in excess of 100 times on an hourly basis. Sleep Apnoea is a sleeping disorder which people should frequently be checked on by a medical specialist, potentially saving their life and improving their overall sense of wellbeing and lifestyle.

What puts us at risk?

There are many contributing factors to sleeping disorders which include digital gadgets, long working hours, night shifts and just simply a lack of sleep. Industries that are extremely prone to this disorder include, though are not limited to; hospitality, mining, health services and transport. These individuals are at more of a risk due to the manner of their jobs and their working hours.

Many Australians still do not understand the long-term health consequences of poor sleep which includes cardiovascular problems, depression, anxiety and workplace accidents which can often prove to be very dangerous.

Sleep health awareness is something that should heavily be promoted within the nation as sleep is essentially the ‘third pillar’ of a healthy lifestyle, alongside diet and exercise. Should you be experiencing any sleep issues, it is recommended the you consult your doctor about how to address the issue.

Adam Shakespeare