Get the Most Out Your Workout with a Good Night’s Rest

Maintaining good health also comes with working out consistently, and your sleep is a significant factor that goes hand-in-hand with exercise. Receiving the right amount of sleep should never be a luxury, as it is a driver towards achieving good health and being able to function everyday efficiently.  

Training on deprived sleep can result in such things as:

·      Being fatigued faster – ultimately resorting to exerting unnecessary energy

·      Reduces athletic performance

·      Leaving you mentally weak, decreasing the amount that you’re able to focus, and forcing people to “give up” easily

·      Increased fatigue may lead to injuries, as your body has not rested and recovered properly from the previous physical activity

A major part of working out depends on your motivation to exercise and the type of mindset you have going into your workout. A full efficient night of sleep will be able to uplift your mood, even if it’s just a little, and could be a game changer towards the enthusiasm you put out. It is key for an athlete to be able to achieve their peak performance day in and day out, and not providing themselves with enough sleep naturally adds more stress for them. When you’re stressed, your motivation goes out the window, and it’s able to affect your mood so much as to avoid you from reaching sporting ambitions, whether it be on the day or long-term.

A good night’s sleep can provide the following to ensure you extract the most out of your workout:

·      It allows the body to effectively rest itself from previous physical activity, allowing the muscles and joints to not be as fatigued for your next workout

·      The individual can perform at a higher level. Whether it be yoga, running, walking, or with weight training

·      Sleep will also aid your metabolism, so that it will maintain itself and not slow down rapidly over time, ultimately allowing you to be able to burn more in your following workouts

·      Your mind can be more rested clearing your mental clutter, and keeps the mind poised and motivated on completing the exercise

·      Have the ability to achieve better results in your physical activity, for example, it could be a tournament you have to prepare for and getting an adequate amount of sleep will set you up for it 

If you’re regularly working out, or just trying to get into the groove of being fit, your sleep should be a priority to look out for. It is a major contrast as to how someone performs on a sufficient amount of sleep, compared to a poor night’s rest, so let your body take it’s time to recover!

Should you be experiencing extended periods of sleeplessness and it is affecting you negatively, speak to your pharmacist about your options to resolve the issue.

Adam Shakespeare